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Where was I? Oh! The real Arik. Well, we all stood there, lookin’ this way and that, kind o’ discouraged, thinkin’ now we’d be havin’ ta search through the whole city, huntin’ fer the damn seeds what Francis the frog was wantin’. It would take weeks to do it and we’d only brought enough supplies ta last us a few days.

Sun-Ok had wandered off a bit, and now was hunched over, starin’ close at the dust what had built up on the streets what ain’t been walked on fer so long. She beckoned to us to join her and we toddled over to where she was standin’.

She clasped her hands together as if she was gonna say a prayer, bowed to us, then pointed at the cobblestones below her and said, “Humble comlades . . . ah . . . you look . . . stleaks and swirls in dust on floor please?” Sun-Ok’s got a really odd way o’ speakin’ ya know?

Anyways, she stepped back, bowed to us once more and pointed at the stones again. Oh geez! Streaks and swirls! It could only mean one thing! Mind Flayers! Mayhap Aloonies even! Glidin’ along, a couple o’ inches off the ground! Their robes draggin’ in the dust, makin’ those marks! Oh geez! We wasn’t alone!

Well, straight off, five things popped into me head. Number one, we wasn’t safe standin’ out here and we’d best be gettin’ off the street, and inside someplace right quick before we run into any Flayers, or Aloonies what happened to be out and about!

Number two, ta me it just ain’t seemed right that someone would leave those seeds layin’ ‘round unprotected in one o’ these empty buildings. Nope! I was thinkin’ those seeds was nowhere to be found in this city. They had ta be hidden in a secret room, mayhap a Forgotten Chamber or someplace like that, locked up secure, inside a strong chest with wards and traps set all ‘round it.

And number five, I was really wishin’ Port was here with us, even though I ain’t likin him too much fer trickin’ me with that damn helm! Port always seems ta know what’s best ta do next!

Anyways, we found a door with hinges what ain’t seemed rusted too much and managed to work it open a bit and squeezed our way inside. The room was empty and dark, but Voran lit a torch and we seen a hole in the middle o’ the floor with a sturdy rope, one end tied to a post what was stickin’ outta the wall on the far side o’ the room, the rest o’ it danglin’ down the hole and into the blackness below.

Well, what the hel . . . who’s gonna pass up a chance ta climb down a rope what’s danglin’ into blackness and God knows what the hel else, and down we went!