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Sun-Ok, Voran, Bel and me inched our way hand over hand, down into the murky gloom, hangin’ tight onto the rope. Or mayhap hand under hand . . . ‘cause we was goin’ down, ya know?

I was next to last on the rope, with Walis behind me and he kept stompin’ on’me head with his boot ‘cause he thought I was climbin’ down’ too slow. Shortly, we found ourselves standin’ at the top o’ a stone ramp what led into what looked to be a large, well lit room.

Chisled into the stone floor below us we read the words, “The Forgotten Chamber”. Well, oh geez! Now we was really gettin’ somewhere!

Its really hard fer me ta writ about what happened next ‘cause, whenever I think about it, I gets afraid and me knees start knockin’ together, and my writin’ hand won’t stop tremblin’ but I’ll do me best.

We gathered at the foot o’ the ramp, all o’ us wonderin’ what the hel we ought ta do next, when I felt an icy tinglin’ what started on me neck, and run all the way down the middle o’ me back, stoppin’ just short o’ . . . lets say I could feel it quite a ways down me back.

I turned ‘round quick to see what might be behind me causin’ it. Well standin’ there, green eyes sparklin and her hair the color o’ wheat ready fer harvest and hangin’ down in front o’ her eyes, was another me! She’d even tied it up behind her head in a ponytail exactly the way I fixes mine!

Oh geez! She was the same size and build as me and was even wearin’ the same clothes! The only thing I could see different ‘bout her was that her teeth ain’t had no tobacco stains, and was a pearly white! Was I lookin’ at a . . . uh, doppelganger? That’s a word what I found inside o’ the “Headband of Intellect” Port give me and it kinda stuck with me, ya know?

Anyways, I was speechless, and it was a good thing, cause awhile later when I finally did get my voice back, I’d utter a few words and they’d wind up comin’ outta her mouth instead o’ mine! I kept tryin’ to run away from her but she kept pullin’ me back!

Then she musta got tired o’ me runnin’ and she put a spell on me what stuck me onto the wall right next to her! I couldn’t move a finger and she took me voice away too!

Geez! The boys was confused, not knowin’ which one o’ us was me, and Walis fell down in a dead faint, probably thinkin’ he’d now have ta be dealin’ with two o’ us when one was bad enough!

Leavin’ me stuck against the wall, she went off and wrapped her arms around Bel, which is somethin’ I’d never do cause Bel’s married to Aels-witch. I wouldn’t do it even if he wasn’t married to nobody, ya know? I think it was then, the boys realized which one o’ us the imposter was!

Then she started in on them! Beratin and abasin’ ‘em, tellin’ them they was a bunch o’ worthless fools and on and on like that! To demonstrate how powerful she was, she then knocked ‘em all down! All at the same time! Oh geez! The boys got up and Voran who was really angry, went after her, his knives flashin’ away!

She give him a scornful laugh, then disappeared in a burst o’ flame and smoke! The spell she put on me was broken now, and I slid down the wall I’d been stuck to and collapsed in a heap on the floor, shakin’ like a leaf.

We talked fer awhile ‘bout who or what could o’ managed to pull off a stunt like that. Bel thought it mighta been one o’ the thirteen pokin’ ‘round in our business but I don’t think so.

I’m thinkin’ somethin’ with that kind o’ power had to be a God. Probably Loki. They sometimes calls him the trickster God. Anyways, it wasn’t no comfort to me knowin’ powerful entities, was watchin’ and mayhap had some interest in the things we was tryin’ to accomplish.