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I’ll finish writin’ ‘bout my fishin’ incident some other time ‘cause more important things has popped up and I wants to jot ‘em down before I forget.

I was in Foothold town the other night and I ran into two old friends! Nitha, with her raspy voice, which by the way, I think is gettin’ worse! And Voran too!

Taggin’ along with them was those two new boys, Jon Duh Fist, and Celadur Mo’ped. Jon sticks an “h” right after the “o” in his first name but I ain’t writ it ‘down cause its obvious you don’t need that letter when writin’ the name Jon. I’m thinkin’ he just ain’t too good with spellin’ words, includin’ his own name!

Anyways, I’d met Jon and Collider not more than a few days ago and the three o’ us cleaned out a cave full o’ orcs a bit south o’ Foothold. They impressed me, bein’ so brave and all, battlin’ those orcs and even layin’ low a giant or two! I’ll tell you, that Ciludur; got a hand what don’t shake with fear, and a sharp eye and he don’t miss hardly nothin’ with that bow o’ his!

So . . .I figured it wouldn’t be too much o’ a risk if I gave the two o’ em a little tour o’ the pass. After all, Nitha’d be comin’ along with her magic spells and all . . . and Voran too, bringin’ his steadiness and that quiet confidence he always seems to have. Ya know I thinks Voran musta been trained in the military arts somewheres. I ain’t never seen him get rattled ‘bout nothin’! And he don’t smell half as bad as most other men I knows!

I give Sir Aeton a big fist full o’ coin ta swing open the gate and look the other way while we was sneakin’ Jon and Colander by, and off we went! We ain’t traveled more than a few paces and, oh geez! minions! A whole bunch o’ ‘em! I hates minions almost as much as I hates bugs!

Well those two new boys let out after those malevolent nasty things, hackin’ and slashin’ away at ‘em and it wasn’t long before all those horrible monsters was layin’ there dead at our feet! “Course Nitha, Voran and me did our share o’ killin’ but fer sure we’d not be havin’ to baby-sit those two boys!

We pressed further on, slayin’ one giant after another, doin’ a good job ‘o dodgin’ the stones they was hurlin’ at us! We even stopped along the way, radin’ a cave what had a gigantic dragon livin’ in it! Oh geez! Anyways, after a fierce battle with that scaley fire breathin’ monster we finally managed to slay it. Nitha busied herself chippin’ away at some rock, lookin’ fer gems while me and Voran just stood around catchin’ our breath, watchin’ Jon and Celery go about lootin’ the substantial treasure they found in the back o’ the dragon’s cave.

The boys finally finished with their lootin’ and Nitha managed to break a few pieces o’ emerald off o’ a big rock. So out we went’ pushin’ on, whackin’ more giants along the way, till we reached the cave what leads to the dwarf city, Bal’ynaz.

Just before we we got to the cave, we was attacked by three tigers. They was so pretty, white with black stripes! A shame we had to put ‘em down but one o’ ‘em had hold o’ Voran’s leg and was chompin’ away on it and he was needin’ that leg, you know?

We made our way through the cave and shortly after, the seven o’ us arrived in the dwarf city o’ Bal’ynaz. Twas there I said my goodbyes and left them. I was tired from the trek, and took the wagon back to Foothold, to bed and good long rest.

Tomorrow I’ll speak to Capt. Hillar ‘bout issuin’ passes to Jon and Celeder. Those two’s ready and able as anyone else I know to brave Thrym’s pass and I’ll tell him so.