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A few days ago, me, Jon, Gunny, and that funny lookin’ little fella, Celadur May’fly, went off on another trek through Thrym’s pass.

We put down a load o’ stone giants and even a few frost giants but we ain’t seen even one minon! Can you imagine that? Not one o’ those nasty, evil things!

We pushed on, eventually makin’ our way to Bal’ynaz, the dwarf city. For those o’ you what might be interested, Bal’ynaz is pronounced, “Bale-ye-naz.” For the life o’ me, I cant’ understand why the hel they don’t change the spellin’ in that word and writ it down the same way they pronounces it!

Anyways, on we went, eventually crossing Thrym’s desert and windin’ up in Arik where Jon and Cecil had a chance to show off their newly learned fightin’ skills!

Well let me tell ya, those two battled mind flayers, and slavers with a fierceness I ain’t seen in a man in quite awhile! Geez, they really impressed me, you know? We even managed to slay ‘bout seven Dragons! Well . . . mayhap two Dragons.

Gunny fought hard also, but she ran into an aloonie in one o’ the houses we raided and the damn thing done her in! I always carries a bunch o’ “Raise Dead” scrolls, and I managed to snatch the poor thing back quick from Garm before the heat o’ that awful place singed her too badly.

The boys got a good chance at lootin’; collectin’ all sorts o’ nice things, axes, rings, cloaks and stuff. They was both itchin’ to get back to Market Square in Stonemark so’s they could sell the lot o’ it and we made our way out o’ the lost city and back across the desert, without much trouble.

But . . . it kept botherin’ me ‘bout not seein’ any minions in the pass, you know? I mean, when I go trekking’ through Thrym’s pass, I always sees a minion or two. Always! Sometimes a whole bunch o’ ‘em!

Where the hel did they go? What the hel was they doin’? Was they plannin’ somethin’? Was the Titan gatherin’ his forces? Was he preparin’ to bring down another city, murderin’ everyone, slaughterin’ women and children, and burnin’ it to the ground, like he done with Gastlynk? Oh geez!

Well, last night I decided I’d do a little checkin’ ‘round. I figured Thrym’s Desert, might be a good place for the Titan and his minions to congregate and off I went, hopin’ I’d be able to track ‘em down and then report my findings to Captain Hiller or Ederyn. Mayhap they’d decide to send out a patrol, and disrupt whatever malarkey those wicked monsters might be up to.

I ain’t got too far into the desert when I heard a commotion to the north o’ me, in the direction o’ the Frost Giant’s Castle. T’was only a short distance from where I was standin’ and I began runnin’ hard in that direction. When I arrived at the little bridge what leads into the courtyard in front o’ their castle, there was dead giants strewn about all over the place! Some o’ them still twitchin’ with a bit o’ life left in ‘em!

I heard a frost giant inside the castle bellowin’ at the top o’ his lungs in anger! I heard human voices too. And, oh geez, they was screamin’ in pain! I dug ‘round in my pack fer some potions to fortify myself, downed ‘em quick, drew my falchion and made for the entrance to the castle . . .