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Oh geez, it’s been ages since I took up me pen to jot somethin’ down! Well, mainly ‘cause there ain’t very much happinin’ here in Markshire what’s good ta writ about, you know?

‘Cept for me and my good friend Sir Aeton, the gate Guard in Foothold and a few others I sees now and then, there aint’ noboby left in town . . . or anywhere else, for that matter! Nope! Not a soul! I heard most folks is camped out somewhere just outside Lord Mark’s castle, They’s all millin’ ‘round, gettin’ really antsy and impatient, snappin’ at each other, sometimes even drawin’ their weapons!

They’s all waitin’ for Lord Mark to get that new wagon o’ his up and runnin’! You remember . . . the wagon I told you about a few pages back? The one Lord Mark bought what’s got all the bells and whistles hangin’ off o’ it and the five wheels, each one wantin’ to go its own way?

You know . . . the one with the huge map what keeps droppin’ down in front ‘o the driver blockin’ his view? Yup! That one! The fancy improved wagon Lord Mark say’s he’s gonna use to take all o’ us off to some better place where the sun’s forever shinin’ and there’s a pot o’ gold sittin’ at the end o’ every rainbow, and it ain’t nearly as cold as it is here in Markshire!

Between you and me, I ain’t thinkin’ that wagon’s worth half what he paid fer it! It’s too big, too bulky, too hard to handle, and . . . it seems Lord Mark and his friends ain’t got no farther along learnin’ how to drive the damn thing than they wuz a few months back! I ain’t lyin’! I’m tellin’ the truth!

Well . . . I’m kinda sure what I’m pennin’ down is the truth. It’s hard to tell how far along they is, learnin’ how to drive it, cause they don’t post no up- dates on their progress! Some folks what’s camped outside the castle is even grumblin’ ‘bout wantin’ the money back what they’s laid out fer trip tickets! Yup! There must be at least elevendy three people all signed up fer makin’ the journey, what’s wantin’ a refund on those tickets! ‘Cept fer me . . .’cause I ain’t bought no ticket yet.

I heard other folks is just driftin’ away, one or two at a time, lookin’ for new places to settle down or new worlds to explore! There’s a good chance those folks’ll never come back and what a terrible shame that would be!

If ya ask me, Lord Mark could make better use o’ his time developin’ some o’ the land around the “Old” Markshire, ya know? I mean there’s plenty o’ land ‘round this place what could use some developin’ and I’m sure most o’ us would pitch right in and give him a hand! I’m sure o’ that!

We could even go about fixin’ up that old burned out city what the Titan destroyed! O’ course, we’d have to get rid o’ the damn Titan first and doin’ that would be quite a chore! We could clean out the “Temple in the Medow”, and finally rid it o’ all the evil things what’s lurkin’ in it’s halls! We’d be needin’ an army to do that I’m thinkin’.

Anyways, I know nobody’s askin’ me and I’m pretty sure Lord Mark would tell me to mind my own business ‘bout the whole thing!

Sometimes men is like that, ya know? At times a man’ll get headstrong ‘bout a thing, even if it ain’t such a good thing, and not want to let it go.Yup! when a man gets an idea ‘bout somethin’ stuck in his head, he’ll be hangin’ on to it fer dear life and there ain’t nothin’ short o’ a good whack on the noggin’ what can shake it loose from him!

Well, fer sure, I ain’t gonna do no poundin’ on Lord Mark’s head! Nope! Not me!! But . . . I’m hopin’ mayhap Lady Mark’ll talk some sense into him, ya know?

All o’ us would fer sure enjoy seein’ him and his wife sittin’ comfy and cozy, atop his “Old” wagon, clippity cloppin’ along the streets o’ Markshire again’! And oh geez, after a new paint job, a little oil on the axles, and grease on the bearings to stop the squeakin’, I’m bettin’ he’d find out that “Old” wagon still works quite well!

I ain’t forgot ‘bout the brassy dragon me and the boys met awhile back in Thrym’s pass . . . but my hand’s crampin’ up from all this writin’ I’m doin’ and I’m sorry, but that tale’ll just have to wait.