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  • Markshire PCs:

Just wanted to add my $0.02. MS1 is not dead at all, it’s just that to push the NWN2 world to the starting line is taking inordinate amounts of time and effort, especially because of all the systems that are being added to make it a REALLY special place (note the bug reporting wand), and to get the project to that final push, time and energy had to be devoted to it. As in all RL situations, that means that there had to be a trade-off. I know I miss not being part of the Grippli saga, but I had to choose, and until MS2 is off the ground, I have to stick with it.
Many times I had wanted to get IG, and just didn’t have the energy. Also, work has gotten more demanding, so there’s less time there as well.
MS1 is not going away, and once I get a bit more free time, you’ll definitely see me IG more. Don’t give up on MS1 – if any of you want to try having adventures, let’s try to pick another day that we can all meet in Foothold, so then there will be at least two days a week things are hopping…..