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@BeyondThePale wrote:

So… Opi… I should reset that server soon. Any suggestions as to when this would be OK?

Hidden messages….Everything went fine BTP, thanks. No worries.

Valgrimm, sorry to hear the woes. There is light in this tunnel for you. We are on Episode 10 of a 13 Episode series. This Friday’s attempt was a fail. Haste got the best of the party and actions were taken before thinking about it. This coulda happened to anyone of the players there so I will not mention names. This just means they learned the hard way and have to go back….Oh wait.. they lost the crown already…..Fear not! They camped in the subteranean ruined house. Then there still is 3 more episodes, the finally being the 13th episode.

All is not lost, good luck and best wishes for a quick recovery. If it gets real bad, maybe try the dog whisperer. He fixed Cartmen on that SouthPark Episode…*shrugs*