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Last year we tore down the purgola over our back patio, ripped out a literal TON (2,200 pounds actually) of old railroad ties, and replaced hundreds and hundreds of bricks in the patio itself. Big kudos to the boys for helping out with a lot of that.

Then we adopted a greyhound and had to set up a pen in the yard for her. No invisible fence, had to be a real, visual one. Then I got married. So last year went bye bye in a hurry.

This year I got back on track, finished a lot of the patio work. It still needs plants and grass around where I was working, but the major construction is done. And then we decided to foster greyhounds for the organization. Rather than have to lead two dogs on a leash several times a day to go to the bathroom, we decided to fence in our yard. That is what beat hel out of me last weekend.

Now we have most of our property fenced in, and the hounds can race at full speed. This is the first time Hela has been able to really open it up in the year we’ve had her. She can fly. When the fosters come through (plural if our first next month works out and isn’t a disaster) they too will be able to get a workout and really run. The fenced in pens we had been using just didn’t cut it.

So, here are some pics of the project from last year to last weekend, for those interested.