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  • Markshire PCs:

Excellent job…you have a great looking yard and area..

as for me..

I have been fairly busy these past couple months with school winding down and whatnot. I actually commenced/graduated at the beginning of May from Cleveland State. I still have to finish up a thesis paper but other than that I am all set.

Since I plan on going to graduate school for my MBA next fall…I have to take the GMAT (and study for it too!) which I plan on doing June 14th…the thesis paper I have to write is due at the end of June but it all culiminates with my birthday so thats a plus.

My computer also broke for awhile too…hard drive crashed and then my girlfriend managed to disable my video card (which I fixed miraculously might I add) so I have yet to put NWN1 back on but I set up NWN2 and it seems to be working…but like most others…I find a strange calming sensation while playing CoD4 when I get home from work so thats where my half hour of free time has been going.

On the bright side…I am traveling to California the second week of July and my girlfriend gets off of work about 2 hours after I do now so there is a good possibility that some gaming with eventually take place!