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I think that is the stop line, is it not?

A stop LINE would run perpendicular to the road. A set of stop BARS would run parallel as depicted.

But then it’s somewhere “o’er there” … *waves his hand in a general direction of somewhere else* … I mean, they drive on the wrong side of the road in many of those there places. What could they possibly get right in terms of road safety painting.

In Germany, crosswalks are taken VERY seriously and cars will stop if there is a pedestrian at the crosswalk. Think Vermont here.

In India, there are rules to the road and given that this is India, I’m sure there is an encyclopedic book of road rules… that nobody pays attention to. Think Mad Max without the guns and crossbows.

Food for thought, my employer gave me a company car (@T – no more French minivan. Now I ride around in a strange Toyota 4×4/Minivan thingy), but I am not allowed to drive it. They also gave us a budget for a driver.