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@Opinvu wrote:

Budget for a driver!? …… *coughs, shakes head, moves along to the fence and waves the free driver at the corner to meet me at the end of the fence*

So la ve…(??) 😉

You probably spent more on beer last month than his salary. However if a foreigner is one of the drivers in an accident, they are always at fault and since foreigners are “rich”, the settlement is for an obscene amount. Therefore, they force you to hire a local driver as a risk reduction (read money saving) measure. This is pretty much standard operating procedure for how big companies handle expats in the third world.

Let me be clear, this is risk reduction for my employer, not luxury. It is also annoying as you can’t just hop in your car and go somewhere, you have to plan all travel ahead and if you plan to do something outside of working hours, you have to plan that with the driver. Other expats in Bangalore that I have talked to often share drivers. E.g. At my daughter’s school the other day, I talked to an American who worked for Target. His family and his wife’s boss live on the same street. They carpool to the office together, leaving the second driver available for use by the two families.