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  • Markshire PCs:

I had a total adventure the past two days. Yesterday we got called in to collect some samples down in Iowa City to make sure there was nothing super bad in the water. I collected water on a 4 lane street where I had drove on the previous day. It was chest deep yesterday and the big slug of water hasn’t even reached here yet. I then put in 7 hours of sand bag duty, I hurt bad today.

Today I had to go up to Waterloo (which is probably a place you’ve seen on the news) and it was right out of water world. There were places under water that I NEVER thought would be in the drink. Major 4 lane interstate/highways were getting shut down due to water on them. The first place I went to was scary, but I made it though. The second place I got as close as 3/4 mile and had to sample water off of an on ramp over pass thingy. All off ramps were closed, the on ramp got closed AFTER I got on the highway. I pulled over and did my thing and 40 minutes later I tried to get out… the water had rose over my highway and I had two options, drive on or wait for a helicopter. I put the windows up, turned the wipers on, and tried to keep it between the markers. When I pulled up to the state troopers road block they turned around and with surprised expressions calmly asked me “Where the Hel did you come from?” I told them “I’m Muddy Watters, I own this state and drove on”.

I then got trapped in Waterloo/Cedar Falls area and barely made it out again. All in all this modern day Superman got his water samples and made it back to the lab.

*puts his hands on his hips, turns head slowly, and lets the cape billow out behind him*

No sample shall be left behind. Tune in tomorrow after I put in an all day sand bagging effort in Iowa City.

I’ll post some pics that I took yesterday.