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  • Markshire PCs:

I voted no. My years experiance in this game and the server admin business, once an offender always an offender. He is supposed to be a friend of the staff yet he was petitioning players to his server, right? I have been in that mans shoes, holding a playable server, wanting players to come give it a chance. My own thought patterns brought me to similar conclusions that when looked at realiasticly, it is still breaking the cardnal rule. Talking about it is still soliciting.

There are many places to advertise, and while playing in someone elses server is not one of those places. With the attendance of daily players is in a lul, what a perfect time to grab some of the players and offer them something different. A new server…..

Do I know this guy well enough to be accurate? Probably not. This is my own instinctual opinion from my own pondering and experiances. Humans are just that, humans, and they are as predictable as they are suprising.