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  • Markshire PCs:

[Attached to a six foot tall post erected in the roadside verge at the foot of the slope outside the west gates of Foothold, a small pendant banner of green cloth flaps in the wind. Interested passers-by, bored guardsmen and observant, wary, distance keeping individuals, will see a circular symbol inexpertly sewn into the fabric. Two colours, purple and white, separated by a sinuous curve of thin black, fill the circle with eye catching flashes as the banner flaps and idles. The especially observant will notice the smaller circles of opposite colour embroidered within each colour half.

At the foot of the pole, its fastened flap facing down the road to Yar, an expertly crafted, rusty-orange bag with yellow trim rests on the ground; its straps looped around the upright allowing it to be swiveled but not easily removed.
The terminally nebby, and anyone not fitting a very specific description, will be accosted with shouts of “Oi you! Keep yer thieving hands off it, Cully!”, with extra added crossbow bolt dissuation, because the gate guards are being Paid Extra to cover the expenses of Additional Duties. One person only will be allowed to access the bag and its contents which are :

Some Roktfisk
Half a dozen new sheets of parchment, bottle of ink, a handful of quills
Three bottles of Cherry Lambic
One dozen Honey Glazed Carrots
A variegated assortment of coloured cloth, leather, fur scraps, threads, raw cotton , garlic, aloe and thin strips of softened leather

A Letter
: rolled up and tied off with a purple ribbon and addressed :
To : ]

{Written in a rounded, simple cursive script, indicating a feminine hand}

My Dear Sun Ok,

I have put together a few things from various people for your comfort, ease and entertainment by way of letting you know we are not forgetting about you. It also means we are not letting you go. Umm.

Self imposed exile does not work. Believe me, I know, I tried it once. The circumstances were different, I was not trying to avoid killing anyone. I was trying to avoid being killed and trying to prevent others from being killed or harassed for our involvement in a group which was .. not wanted. By anybody. In particular by an individual who is best described as Frank’s Opposite. For the sake of protecting innocents, and this person is not too particular about who he considers guilty, I shall not refer to him by name or location; but I suspect I do not need to.

Please, if I find you, do not waste your Invisibility Potion Trick. I have the trick of ” OH look! I can seeee yoooo !” I also have the tricks of “I can walk faster than you can run” plus “I can make you hobble like an Old Lady in Lead Boots”. I have other tricks that may surprise you. One that may interest you is to make you temporarily much wiser. More so than all those Wisdom Potions you have been drinking. Furthermore we have at least two druids who may both have an even better version than mine. Mind you they are both as mad as Ferrets In A Mushroom Patch so you may be stuck with me .. or wait for Moirin. Umm.

And not to forget, please, I can make you a trinket or two for the same purpose. I may well have them ready by the time you read this. Also not to forget .. I am a Monk. I spent several decades in a monastery after my illness as a child. I learned many things there about the body and combat without weapons. I can break a strangle hold. I can also break thumb, finger, wrist, forearm, elbow and shoulder bones. There is not the pair of gloves in the world, or anywhere else, that can make you strangle someone with Fingers of Jelly. Not only that but you will not get far with broken kneecaps either.

You know I would not want to do this sort of thing, it is not my true nature, but for the sake of saving a friend .. I will do it if i have to! So will others if they have to. If you make them by staying away. You know what Walis can do. He has told of the occasions he had to thump you senseless when you were forced to attack him and Voran. He seemed quite proud of the fact that he thought to put away his sword on all such occasions. Speaking of Walis .. he insists that I tell you about this; I shall attempt the conversation as I heard it.

“She dunt need to worry abaht gerrin blud on anyfink”
“How so?”
“Liga.. erm ?”
“Tied real tight around her wrists see? Stops the blud commin aht too much. Might even make her hands drop off by emselves”
“And what makes you think .. ?”
“It works wiv bull-ox an ‘osses!”

“AH! But! How will she eat and fend for herself without hands?”
“Iffen I have ter chop her hands orf then I’ll look arfter her”
“And if she refuses to eat and be ‘looked after’?”
“Pinch her nose real tight, when she oppens her gob ter breave .. shovel it in real quick like! It works wiv bulls an ‘osses.”

Umm, so you see what you may be up against there? Quite honestly you will be better off coming home of your own choice, of your Own Free Will .. while you still have some.

The writing materials (free gift of Portales) are for you to Keep In Touch. Put any letter back in the bag and turn it to face the gates. The guards will hand it on to me or Father Ryche who will give it to me unread. He is a Cleric, you can trust clerics to do that. Umm. Mostly. If there is anything for you, the bag will face toward Yar road.

Durok thinks you will like the fish, Mezzano added the Lambics and for some reason that puzzles me, Tamar absolutely insists that I tell you that I watched her make the Honey Carrots herself. The tailoring things are from Aelswith.

You can be sure they, and everyone else you know, all said the same as I do here .. Come Home, Sunny .. we miss you already.

Panitha Diansdottir