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  • Markshire PCs:

[Reveling in their success at driving an inquisitive fairy away from the new post outside Foothold, the guards investigate with many an “Oi” when they see the bag attached to the post suddenly start revolving around the pole, tethered by its strap, falling promptly from the top of the pole to the ground. Inside are several sheets of paper, filled with large, beautifully inked letters that reflect years of patient craftsmanship with ink and quill, a stunning contrast to the haphazard manner in which those letters, words and sentences are combined. The pages are removed, and, after lengthy discussion, frequent shrugs and many a “Dunno” among the guards, the bag left facing the gates.]


Flag-bag far from people-necks. Is good. But what stop anyone else go bag? Hope you get this. Guards there today, but they go lunch lots. Pretty sure they not see me when I open bag and take stuff. Just to check I made rude sign to them and they not say anything.

Think I trick guards when I put this in bag. I maybe try purple potion I find in goblin camp. Last bottle turn me into tiny girl with wings and funny crown. Bet Durok like that better. Tiny girl probly weigh less than a nugget. Anyway see if guards say something if I look different.

Wait! Maybe gloves come off if I that small! Fly right out of them maybe! [drops of a purple fluid are blotted on the page] No, not work but think it confuse demon for a minute. Not hear her over little wings and Apa’s laugh anyway. Just one bottle left for guard-trick now. Oh well.

This paper much better than dead-tree-skin! Have magic papers but can’t make marks on them. Kamas probly explain that good, but not so anyone else understand. Papers make me want give Port big hug! Least I think it me that want that and not demon. Hard to tell sometime. Thank Port anyway, okay?

Fishy thing was roktfisk? Strange word. Sound like spitting when I guess how say it. Make sense coming Durok. Roktfisk need spice lots. Put hot pepper next time too please. Know where I get rice. And tell Tam carrots is strong magic. Bring white stag right up to you. Stags take them from hand, mouth even. Demon not want stags I guess.

Lambics good. Very good. Gone too. Tell Mez thanks. Make sleep long time. Not worry–stags and Apa watch then. Strange dreams though. Sleep maybe demon-time.

Tailor stuff good too. Not much kits after Arik and beatings from friends. Hard to make right in woods though. Like to have kits cause there some bad stuff walking in woods. Know Faith and Sar kids play here sometime, so usually I try kill bad stuff. Tell Keli I finding plenty silk now. Think maybe demon not know how to choke spiders.

Rest of letter not so sure. Has big Markshire-words I not know. Sound like you nice and scary same time. Not want hurt friends or anybody. Not want friends break more on me–cept maybe hands. Know you all have different tricks for hurting. Know that good. Last time Durok say put raw meat on purple-face. Been doing that. Jaguar meat better than lion by way. Least for purple-face. Both not taste so good.

Demon not want cats either. Or bear. Or ogre seem like. Asked big ogre to take hands with his axe, but he just look confused grunt and swing at head. His axe and stuff over by Kamas nymph-friends if you want it. His armor probably all poked up though. Sorry bout that but is pretty smelly anyway.

Sound like Walis know how keep alive when hands go. Ox medicine sure be good. Not so sure bout oss medicine. What an oss? Thought we just tie wrists and use lots of bandage but Walis maybe know better. Is okay if medicine not work too. I happy even if Odin-deal done. Not be sad, less demon-hands make hurt good peoples. That sound strange Markshire people maybe–you think like I new valkiree-girl if that help. I be one sing bad but not loud.

If not need Odin-deal, then be happy if Walis feed me after hands gone. But must teach Walis use sticks. Rice taste better from sticks. Much better. Worry about Mez if Walis taking care of me instead though–Mez maybe hurt hisself.

You really think you got spell can help long-think better than Vanity potions? Don’t say that in front of her I think. Maybe make her mad. Try if you want I guess–just have to be careful with hungry demon. Tried lots of potions already. Only couple left. Think I heard demon laughing at me. Not pretty laugh either.

Trinket? That like pretty-jewels you make me? Got good long-think necklace already. Member find other maybe better with Elvawen long time ago. Not sure it better cause lots of orc-blood on it. Not sure about rings either. Already got some on under gloves and they no good for long-think. Wait be quiet.

Sorry that silly thing to write course. Just used to saying that now when group go clanking around Arik and places. Thought I heard something here in woods. Was just demon laughing more.

If you think druids maybe better for long-thinking I keep looking for Kayla. Maybe she help. Maybe not. Sort of depends but not sure on what. Did not know she like mushroom. Will find some for her. Even panther-Kayla eat fungus? Strange.

Do know demon quieter when I near her grove so maybe that right. You see her walking or padding round Foot you tell her bout demon-hands and tell not come too close okay?

Think she be happy me now. Friend to forest. No fire, push dead ogre-body into nymph ditch, sleep with stags. Barely smell like tanner anymore. She probly like that best. Course maybe that make her want leave demon-hands on. Hard to guess with Kayla.

Oh. If druid can make magic paper for extra long-think I might read it okay. Got lots of time to try figure out anyway. Think druids not make magic paper much though. Too hard go shops and towns to find out. Lots of necks and sellers not understand how trade across room.

Sorry, running out of paper. I miss you friends too. Worry about your souls a little you so ready beat me more, but miss you. This best Way. Can stay here long time if stuff to hunt, not hurt anybody. Durok’s ye do stay sharp when arrows run out. Is okay.

You think way get demon out come grove. Not come close though, so better bring somebody talk louder than you. Until then use flag-bag. I try watch so no one steal. Need more paper and lambic and hot pepper most.

[The letters are so large that they have filled the available space. There is, in the very bottom right corner of the last sheet, a barely perceptible circle drawn, with short lines radiating out from it.]