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[Foothold’s western double gates swing open with their usual protesting creak, and a slender young woman steps out. Poised in self, sure of purpose, elegantly dressed in close fitting black pants and tunic faced in green, the brim of her floppy bright green semi-hood flouncing with each carefully paced step, she heads out toward the road to Yar carefully observed by the gate guards who, to a man, are watching the mesmeric lift and sway of her shapely hips .. for a tell-tale lurch that would indicate a nasty fall in the icy mud and slush of the road. She steps her delicate way down the slope to the pole with a fluttering purple and white pendant.

From the bag on her shoulder she transfers some items to the bag at the foot of the pole and turns it to face west, towards Yar. Still carefully, totally, observed by the guards wary of a slip on that not to be trusted slope she retraces her steps through the gateway and on to the wind shunning warmth of the Temple of Odin.]

Dear Sunny,
Thank you for your letter. I t was very nice to read. The weather here remains cool and snowy. Which you probably already know. Umm.

Well. I have been talking to several people. People who have seen you do your disappear trick and other people who know more about this than I do. It seems you do not need to use Invisibilty Potions at all. You have learned to make yourself ‘not there’ by way of skill not magic. Which makes my tricks for finding you .. quite useless.

That makes me feel rather foolish now after what I said about finding you and stopping you from running away. Because I cannot, and I do not know of anyone who can. But hopefully there will be someone. I feel both disappointed and proud of you for having learned how to use your people’s skills by yourself. You have come a long way since Almonds and Nuggets in the Grove.

We are getting a good response from people. Elvawen insisted you borrow the necklace you both found in the Bloodsprays. She has given it to Keliana to hold for you. Both Kyri Arri and Lily are thinking of tricks they could use on you. They may not even hurt. Which is nice. I do think though that you will have to come to us when we are ready to try this. It will not be good to have to go running after you all over the place. It might make it harder for you to want to get the gloves off. You must be able to choose to want to do this.

Roktfisk. Yes it does sound like spitting. Funnily enough, that is what many people do when they taste it for the first time. Cats too, and cats like fish. There is a lot more parchment than last time. Elva made a lot of sawdust especially for Tamar to make into parchment for you, and some for Portales too. There is some Hot Peppered Sausage as well . Again from Tamar who again insists I tell you I watched her make them and the parchment. She keeps muttering about tyrants, “Ice Tyrants, Red Tyrants, Little Tyrants and now Bloody Stupid Demon Tyrants!” I am getting a bit worried about her. Maybe she is working too hard.

Cherry Lambics from Walis this time. He says he “has a stash” of them. He suggested leaving them out at intervals for you, like a trail of breadcrumbs leading you into Foothold. He said ” she’ll be so off her ‘ead roarin’ drunk she wunt know wot’s hit ‘er when we ‘it her” and I said, “it is one thing to beat a slip of a girl into bloody senselessness when she is actually crushing your wind pipe but it is something else again to do so when she is drunk and incapable. So you will not, and if you do I will turn you into a frog. A big frog.”

I cannot actually but he does not need to know that. It worked with Gunhilde’s boyfriend and he was about as bright as Walis. Though I have my doubts about Walis. I think he has ‘a couple more candles under his bushel than he is letting onto’ as my .. Apa .. would say.

Anyway he stuck his thumbs in his belt, pursed his lips at me and said “Gizza job!”. So I think we have ‘got him sorted’.

Enjoy the beer and sausage. Keep in touch and do not become a stranger.

Affectionately yours,
Panitha Diansdottir (pp Many Concerned Friends)