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  • Markshire PCs:

[A Foothold guard stretches for a moment and turns his face up to catch a bit of the minutely warming rising sun. He’s being paid extra to watch a bag just down the hill, saving the money to buy his missus a fancy dress for the midsummer party they still throw every year, even with all the snow. He doesn’t notice the flap of the bag open briefly and then close.
A little while later, deep in the woods near a ruined stone wall, two figures huddle over some papers, talking animatedly, scratching in the dirt with short sticks, and then scuffing the marks away with their feet. One of the figures repeatedly puts its hands behind its back. They take occasional pulls from some bottles containing a reddish-brown fluid. After some time, one of them produces more paper, a quill and some ink, writing for some time. The writer tries at first to hide the letters written from its own hands with a second sheet of parchment, and after a time gives up.
That same night, a different guard is watching the bag in the flickering light from the torches mounted on the walls. An odd shadow flits across the bag for a moment, hiding it, but not raising any suspicions due to the firelight. Until the guard notices that the bag is now facing the gate. “Oi!”]

Nitha and Keli too:

Letter make me most happy and Apa too. Apa specially happy when read to him you stop talking hurt me. He not sure after first letter bout new Markshire-friends.

He think maybe you worry it dangerous here or worry I go mad like ferret in mushroom patch. Tell me write bout what we do so you not worry. Also he make me make fishing pole cause mine in Chaz-box and he say just meat and almond not keep healthy.

So. What Apa and I do out here beside talk and hunt and fish now? Lots of fun thing. One day we collect orc-shields. Tall ones yes? Then we stand them up all round Kayla grove make fort and laugh at cats try get us.

Once cats go away we take shields and leave for grippli to re-build little huts. Kept two to take Pass for sledding. Is great fun. Go so fast giants not hit with rocks and darts. Not see any white tiger. Gotta member show Apa that.

After that we went Arik. We hide good then Apa throw snowball to ring bells outside doors. Is very funny see flayer come out door meet visitor with squid-arms wiggling on face then look round all confused. Almost make me laugh out loud which probly be bad thing for hiding. Think they not getting nuff brain to eat cause they never figure out trick. Or maybe they just lonely and want visitor lots.

When we come back woods we see strange thing. Ogre sitting gainst tree looking at something in hands. Walked up real quiet and he looking at mirror like one I traded Kamas-nymphs to go ditch and find grippli-staff. What ogre want mirror for? They ugly even to other ogre I think. Probly why they angry so much.

Anyway Apa and I took mirror and went to nymph-ditch. Then I sit looking mirror while Apa brush hair long time just like when I little elf-girl. Make nymphs crazy course. They type girls like look self all time. We stop when they almost fall ditch try get over to us. That be too mean.

Was nice having Apa brush hair though. Maybe nicer if face in mirror not look so beat up even after jaguar-meat. And if mirror-Apa look more like he use to.

So you not worry kay? It not dangerous and I not mushroom-ferrety. Just almond-sunny like always. And got Apa care me.

So. Friends help long-think with many spells. Apa say that good but only most good long-think spell work at one time. I tell you bout Apa long time ago yes? Was famous bowman back home. Good spells too. Real good. Made spelly arrows sometime almost like Stone firework. Not sure why he not use bow or spell now. Think maybe that stuff spill out back home and all gone now. Leave him hollow kind of.

We talk long bout many thing. He prowed if I give hands then destroy glove all time. Say it Way with onner. I gree.

But he look stuff I sew like dire leathers, see how I use ye do and trap and even bow pretty good. Not like him but still pretty good. And how I hide. He extra prowed of that. Say it a gift. Say I turn way from gift-duty before and that why he *text stops abruptly amid some small discolorations that have a light gritty texture*

See? Is big job make me long-think good. But we gree too that better Way is beat demon bloody then destroy glove and use hands for more good and more onner.

Not sure and not Apa either how destroy gloves. Maybe you know. If they got hands in them still maybe hands not go Voran and Walis like I want. Apa think with no body maybe gloves just fall off. Then Walis and Voran get hands. Or maybe if gloves apart one Walis-member-hand and one Voran-member-hand then demon get confused and not matter. Just not sure. Sure only is important stop gloves hurt anyone else.

We try beat demon is some rules. Some rules is from Apa and some from me. Know if you all there you do what you want but is important me. More important than heal bandit-bear or elf-years or food for poor or beat Thrym. Is soul for me. All time. I only one care my soul not Odin not Thor not any them. Kamas maybe splain better. We talk long on it.

Apa have two rules. One is cant try beat demon in town. Too many necks. He walk around with me lots and say Honey Valley pretty good. Peaceful mostly and no necks. Also say all that honey good if I must give hands. Say tie wrist and put honey on bleeding arm-ends. You listen Apa and not Walis on that. Apa smart and live long time most time in army where healer cut things off lots. You maybe meet him there in Honey Valley. Or maybe not. He always with me now but shy sometime. Maybe you not like him though cause you two lot alike.

Apa rule two bout who there. He not sure bout Markshire-peoples cause he used to home. He see me shout-talk with Pellytes in woods and not believe they friendly. He curious too bout halfling gnome and dwarf. Like to see them there too if possible. Tell Port no willstealer if he come cause Apa hate that even more than me. Mostly though he want elf-bloods there. Many you can get. Specially Tam. He like her words from letter. He not mind humans there but want more of others.

Kay. So I got two rules too. They simple and tricky same time. First is nobody gets hurt cept demon and maybe me. Second is if it not work then I decide what happen next. Might say Apa and I go back woods. Might say try again later. Might say take hands.

Apa say long-think spell mean somebody have to touch me. Mean demon be talking me. Demon never sleep so no way stop that. Best way keep demon quiet is long-thinking. Mean first thing we do is get Elva necklace and anything else you find to me. Then Apa tie me up and give me potion so I fight demon better during spell. Maybe need some more potions. Demon loud sometime. Then spells. Apa say maybe need more than one best fight demon. He say either speller or him know when good try fight demon. He say I keep hands in fist and you know demon won if I open to choke speller. That happen we wait until demon quiet and try again. Apa say we elf-blood and got plenty time try. He write all that in dirt in home-letters so demon not know plan. Told you Apa smarter than Walis. But then I write letter cause he not know Markshire letters so good. So maybe demon know anyway.

Think maybe we keep eye Walis. He look happy sometime when he beat me. Specially when he hit from low up into chin and make eyes roll in head. Sound like that not change so you find frog-spell and keep ready too.

Oh. And tell Keli not buy pretty clothes from nice old ladies.

Apa say one last thing. Say show how rules is serious us. He think best way write poem from home in old words. I tell him here Markshire elf-bloods write words down all time not like home and even some human know old words but he say not matter. So here poem from home made by important elf-blood live many many centuries go.

Oem silla aailmla E amillwamaw
E aneecaw fcaw illw lacatyan
Ylanec ilan cillaan E nyilsa ane oelw
Il anastyca celv oemveananal

E lailan ilselv anira myella oem wilala
Anirelnelv ilcc anira anesa
Amirilan anirelaa selalaa fcenynla irilw laaal
Anira lailwlalalaala illw queala

Illw amiral E caoan E ceviranca anmew
Il laam tyilanir ilselvlaan anira anmaala
Nyilmmaelv ameanirel sa irailman
Selalaa vcema ilcc ilan aillaa