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  • Markshire PCs:

An elven girl walks up to the post outside the west gate of Foothold. She wears a simple, relatively shapeless, grey silk gown, embroidered with a pattern in darker grey of leaves of some unknown plant, with a wide floral sash in purple, tan, and white.

She carries a shovel, and appears intent at first on digging out the post. The guards watch, slightly saddened that the extra pay associated with that post is at an end, but mildly curious all the same. As her shovel first bites into the trampled snow and earth at the pole’s base, a breeze stirs in the cool calm morning, and the flag at the top of the post flutters out. The girl glances up at the symbol on the flag, and stands there, thinking, one foot on the back of the shovel’s head, for several minutes.

She is so still that the guards begin to get nervous, thinking perhaps that she has fallen under some enchantment or curse. The woman who had paid them to erect the post, after all, was quite mysterious and intimidating, with her whispered commands.

“Oi, you alright there, Miss?” She turns to look at them and smiles happily, still poised half atop the shovel. The guards are relieved, if no less mystified, by her response. “Oh, yes, all good now. You nice boys ask.”

She steps off the shovel and pulls it back out of the ground, leaving a smiling semicircular cut that will soon fill in with snow. She sets down her shovel, and lifts the bag from the base of the pole with one hand, then stands on her tiptoes to wrap the flag around the pole and lift the bag up over it and off. She turns, concealing for a moment what she’s doing from the guards, then picks up her shovel and walks up the hill to where they guard the gate.

As she passes through, she hands the bag to them, and from within comes a muffled clinking sound. “Here, share with others please.” As she closes the gate behind her, the two gate guards look in the bag and find a half dozen bottles of a reddish ale, packed in snow. They spend the rest of the watch debating whether to wait until off-duty to drink them, and whether to actually share with the other watches.