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  • Markshire PCs:

heh ok ok

To be fair Monty that second one isn’t meant as a TV add they’re showing off their new program to the gaming nerds around the country who want to play sans table top. They are trying to sell that to you for a monthly subscription fee so they want to show off the neat-o features. It’s for people who already have experience with the free versions *raises hand* I must say it looks slick, but i’d have to use it to tell for real. Not to mention I am not hot on paying them a monthly subscription fee (stupid as hel), i’d rather pay them a flat fee. I am already buying the damn books after all. Or at least one..

Yeah my friends and I are giving 4.0 a fair shake. So far, different. I can’t come up with a better impression. I am not normally someone who holds onto the past with a dire grip of steel. Still it’s taken some effort, they have changed so much. I just can’t say whether it’s better or not. I’ll tell you all more later if you want to hear it. Right now we’re leaving OpenRPG behind. It’s gotten to buggy to be tenable. It’s hard to find a new program though because DnD isn’t even offering the license for sale yet (to give their own program a head start) and none of the other’s out there can even begin to adjust to the 4.0 rules.

PS: we fought a very small white dragon at level 1, we lived.. I was shocked. Though it was very close.

– mule