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  • Markshire PCs:

Brind: be nice; Nitha was sick as a child, and Kyri’s already on the list. Druids’ Owl’s Insight’s the only thing better, but despite constant striving for harmony and oneness with her environment Sun has apparently failed to make proper inroads to Markshire’s snow-dazed druids.

Keli: nice thought but a similar device twitching in Sun’s pack. Made demon giggle and then hiccup for a few minutes.

All: can just make it with the periapt +3 and kyri as listed in post above, but may be tedious, so other contributions still being solicited. More would likely make it slightly less tedious. Will make supreme effort to prepare properly such that some entertainment provided to alleviate said tedium. If you see Sun in-game we are likely practicing that entertainment.

As curse removal is possible at this point perhaps scheduling in order. Post options–believe it need not happen before Friday Grippli session if certain precautions are taken during that.