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  • Markshire PCs:

So much content in a relatively short post. Well I can further illuminate the PITA being off bounds. She doesn’t act like prey, and probably has reinforced this in their private alone time. Animals are funny like that, they see something as non-prey they don’t mess with it, no matter the size difference really.

Yeah I don’t know what to tell you about your wife seeing the rabbit dying. My parents let their cats out so my family is pretty desensitized to seeing dead animals. We’ve found everything from dead mice, to piles of feathers (assumed to be dead birds), to a dead full grown rabbit. The worst was when space (a 15 lb, long haired, black cat) came up on our back deck and proceeded to play with/chew on a live bird. He then left it with half it’s side eaten under it’s wing. Oh it was still perfectly alive and unable to fly. He’s cruel like that. Well I had to go out with a shovel and finish it, the peeping cries of pain we a bit much. At least Hela has the courtesy to kill the rabbit.

Also, you’re gonna need to exercise Hela regularly. I’m sure they’ve already told you about this. I’ve always heard that the dogs with the most energy need a lot of running to not go stir crazy. The herd dogs are the worst. Good luck on fostering other animals. Lil girl is probably getting to a stage of maturity where she can handle it. It’s a pretty kind thing to be doing for animals that are otherwise used by humanity.

– mule