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The Link works. I have used it on my previous phone (home line). IT actually worked, but it’s limited time, like 3 years or something. If you don’t reregister ont he list you will get recirculated.


Eh, I don’t believe it. Having my number on a do not call list means that the number I leave will be confirmed as a mobile phone customer, so if the fed’s policy changes, it can be released to a third party.

I make it a personal policy to screen all my calls; most of the time, any unknown numbers can leave a message.

That is a good question to have. Marketing Faxes that say to be removed call this number…. Those are exactly that, confirms your a good fax nuber and you get more from a different agency. I personally haven’t called the number, I do it online. Since my new phone number I have gotten tons of solicitor calls. Every day at 5-8 I get 2. I registerd the new numbers, will see if they stop now.

I give my sisters and friend crap about screening calls. The what if factor… If I did that I would be hung because that would mean my help question answering or Emergency assistance was delayed. But I would never screen calls for the same reason, I would hope I didn’t get screened when I was calling for help, being a bachlor with only neighbors that work, and no one down the street your options for help are slim.