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  • Markshire PCs:

I didn’t take to Diablo, only for one reason, seemed too easy. My first Game was Age of Empires, then Baulder’s Gate 2, then 1, then the expansion for 2….. Icewind Dale… Going from BG2 to Diablo would have made the PoG leader Very angry, we played BG, not that sisy game Diablo, so I admit, I never gave it a fair chance.. but I have outside influence to blame here. This new one I will give fair shake and try when the price goes down from the launch price.

Those that know what PoG stands for may know what I speak of, or maybe they don’t. PoG was the Clan of Baulder’s Gate Players that chatted and partied through BG2 at all hours of the evenings. Good old gamespy chat rooms, with voice… Clan tags and suedo-names… memories… The first Online gaming experiances….