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The Preparations:

Planning for this trip began as soon as we heard Steve was playing in NYC.

Paul told Bob that he needed the 12th and 13th off. Then Paul reminded Bob that he needed the 12th and 13th off. Then Paul had to have Bob fix the schedule for the 12th and 13th to get it back off. Yes, Bob, we know you acknowledged your memory issue but it’s still funny.

Pat wrote down the wrong dates. MAD SCRAMBLE. Yes, I started checking hotel costs and placement. We appreciate that you still came through for us. And yes, we had fun reminding you from then on about the trip and times etc.

A time was set for departure. After some conversations and side planning for dinner we finally figured out a departure time. 11am on the 12th. This gave us leeway for traffic, parking at Pat’s or the Train Station, and unforeseen events. BOTH Shawn and Paul showed up early. However, even with the added time it did not allow for antics. You’ll see what I mean when I get to the Story.

The car was cleaned, gassed and oil changed on the day of the event. Of course, the gasket for my exhaust where it connects to the engine FINALLY comes in Friday afternoon. No time to accomplish it before leaving.

Tunes were planned. 3 days worth of iTunes from Shawn. Unfortunately, iTunes really doesn’t want you to play YOUR music on other devices. So conversion to MP3 format was out of the picture. The only USB drive I had since I know my music tastes aren’t preferred for traveling with The Guys was a transfer drive I had made from some of my co-workers stuff. It sufficed for the majority of the trip down.

Finally, the drinks for the trip. No road trip is complete until the cooler is loaded with beverages. Well, I had mentioned on Friday that I had two Red Bulls available for some energy for Shawn and Paul. I don’t touch them… blech! This was enough for Shawn to hatch his little social experiment…