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  • Markshire PCs:

@Thrym wrote:

Watchmen is one of the top if not the best graphic novel series.

Totally agree with you on that, T. I’ve not watched any of its trailers, but based upon the merit of the story alone, I’m willing to give this one a shot. Alan Moore may not be interested in assisting with the direction of any of his films, which is a total shame, but I have a strangely-placed and often-squashed bit of faith in this one.

There’s so much garbage coming out in film these days that I’ve pretty much stayed clear of the theatre unless it’s a matinee of one of the old classics (most recently I took myself out to see “Rebel Without A Cause” earlier this month, for example). Only if it’s a subject I’m completely enamored with will I go see a film without reservations; that way, I’ll know I’ll appreciate it regardless. But for blockbusters and typical movie fare, I only end up going to see one if I’m taking someone who wants to see it (No Country For Old Men falls into this category, and it’s become a solid addition to my short list), or it’s been quite some time and basically only glowing reviews have been posted for it.