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  • Markshire PCs:

***Oh, everyone’s already seen it, so who cares about spoilers??***

Was babysitting my brother-in-law’s kids this weekend and they wanted to see it, so we went. It’s interesting and pretty well made. Also long, complicated, a bit silly, and LOUD. I kept thinking if I was the cop standing there watching the Joker, he’d be dead in about 2 seconds flat. And what did he do, wire the whole damn city with C4??
This movie demonstrates exactly why the police do not negotiate with terrorists – you end up a hostage yourself. I actually was getting bored, waiting for them to come up with some tactic for stopping the Joker, but he was 12 steps ahead of them the entire time…… A bit silly, as I mentioned.
The production and the scenes were excellent. Heath Ledger’s performance was creepy, and my wife commented that perhaps this movie helped on his way to his overdose. An Oscar for his last (or next to last, there was another film that claims to be his last) performance would not be out of line, IMO.
BTW, am I nuts, or was there no opening credits to the movie? We were watching the previews, and then we were watching the movie. We thought it was another preview at first. I asked my wife and the kids afterward, and none of us thought we saw opening credits….. Interesting film technique, if true.