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  • Markshire PCs:

There are many different directions another batman movie could take. First would be to reestablish the batcave and wayne manor. They haven’t made over a 1,500 batman comics without different perspectives and story lines. As for good bad guys out there, you still have the penguin, clayface, killer croc, mr freeze, poison ivy, hush, deadshot, the mad hatter (one of my favs), and of course rhas al ghul (he is immortal after all). I would also like to point out that while they showed gordon’s family and featured his son, they never showed his daughter’s face. His daughter (in some versoins his step daughter or neice) is batgirl. Because these are darker movies that depict batmans early career they won’t get into the whole kid side kick story lines. Obviously any new movie would have to deal with batman being hunted by the police, as that’s how the plot left us.

Besides the next time anyone sees batman in a movie it will be in the Justice League flic.