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  • Markshire PCs:

I don’t know if I take umbrage with him being 12 steps ahead of the cops. That’s the whole point of the Joker, he’s smart and insane. Police aren’t known for their forethought, they follow procedures that are set up to ensure the public’s interest and safety but if one can make some predictions on how they’ll react you can probably outsmart them. When did they negotiate with the joker anyway? As I recall it was pretty much he kills people, causes havok, gets arrested and beaten up, blows up jail to get out, causes more havok, blows up the woman and Dent, sets explosives on boats, goes to tower with hostages, gets beaten up. I don’t recall too much “negotiation” there.

Oh rumor on the street is they’ll reprise The Riddler with Depp playing the role. But that’s just a rumor. They could also bring back maggie as Catwoman but that’s just a personal guess.

– mule