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The following is the back story leading to the upcoming campaign and is common knowledge to those watching the news of Markshire. More shall come in a different form.

Sir Alex Mark’s Markseteers

In recent months an uprising in the Deephold region has escalated to a civil war, anarchy reigns. The population in and around the mountain city has split over the current direction the local government has gone. Rumors of corruption in the government fueled a resistance movement. A failed cu-de-taw has left both factions crippled. This local matter has escalated to the direct attention of Lord Alex Mark. The breakdown of the chains of command has dissolved any order left in the region and consumed well over 3000 lives. Such a large uprising has taken his full attention of his majesty and all of his royal guard plus a large portion of the city guard for the general populous of Stonemark. The great Lord Marks has left the city under the control of the young prince Allenthys Marks Jr. III. Leaving the prince with minimal resources of man power in the barracks and a virtually empty armory, he has many challenges to overcome in the great lord’s absence. The biggest priority has been dealt with and now the prince is solving the problem of crime on the streets of Stonemark.

The prince has ordered the creation of a new task force called the Markseteers. These specially selected guards will see to the major crimes and investigations in and around the walls of Stonemark. Applicants will report to the South Gates Bounty Station on the declared time. All applicants will also undergo a screening process of physical skill/endurance, mental stability and intelligence testing. Those that pass will fill one of the thirteen positions available. The following poster was posted at every building under the protection of Lord Marks.