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  • Markshire PCs:

Clarification to Rule # 10
Farming xp outside of the campaign.

Yes, this is flexible and only ment to keep chars under the level 8 requirements.

This rule is only to protect the mood and difficulty level of the campaign.

Taking your new level 1 to 3 or 3-5 is not what this rule was to curtail, but for the level 7 to not join you and come to the next campaign level 10 and one hit kills a man when he was only ment to punch the man. (though that could still happen with a level 3 char, I know this)

When the xp does hit from the campaign, it will be in large numbers. Now you may ask, why not do it small amounts regularly? Well, I do it a bit different. Based on time, RP, contrabution, its all added in. So, somone who leaves early doesn’t get the same as the one who stayed two extra hours and finished it. And, I can’t always react tot he logger in time to deal xp before they drop. So, you will have to cope with my perdicament of fairness. In short, allow for some jumps in xp from the campaign and try not to let your toon accelerate too swiftly to 8 before the end.

Valgrim asked for a clarification, and maybe a word from my thinking behind my maddness was due. I could also add the thought was, the lower the rollers would be, the easier to get some fun failures. I was sure somone would drown in the swimming portion, alas, no one did. 😈 Just the baby.

Moral of this, just be causious of your rate of increasing.