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Been doing some last-minute stuff. As this campaign is really pushing my creative envelope, and DM skills, I have not been ahead of the events like I was with Grippligeadon. The major plot twist/suprise for this campaign has been hard coming. But, I think I have it perfected now.

PLOT GIVEAWAY! If want suprise in game, SMR, do not read below.

I did some reaserch on Angerboda, from the Arik temple. She is supposed to be a giantess…mother of Fenrir and of Hel. So, I was going to tie this to her somehow. Angerboda is the old woman giving out the Gloves of Strangulation. The new section of the Cona mines is an age old temple barried by the moving earth from long ago. This ancient site is the birthplace of Hel. The necromancer wishes to clear out the old temple and bring Hel back to earth… the living plane. This temple was fillied with the followers and it is their fossilized corpses that the miners were mining as chalk. The chalk/corpse dust was being used by the people of stonemark and people were t urning into Zombies from useing it. (strange side effect)The Necromancer tries to utlize these undead turns as workers. His cohort helps bring them there and stands to gain from his assistance.

I realize that the zombies are not something Hel would approve of. If and when he gets close to completion, he will be punished first, and rewarded second. Hel will have some punishment for him that shall happen right before the teams eyes. His change will prompt them to kill him and his torure in Hels domain may begin. So, shile this man thinks he is doing good for his god of choice, he is really doing bad by both worldy standards. Lawfully evil. right?

Please point out any holes, or flaws.