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  • Markshire PCs:

Nice effort, Mule! Thanks for the report; it’s very enlightening.

I had always felt that v3 and v3.5 were waaaaay too cumbersome, particularly in combat encounters. And even around levels 12-13, things became ridiculously over-powered. But this system sounds like Pokemon battles: you only think there’s a difference due to the outer covering. But it’s the same mechanic over and over again. At face value, I’m not interested.

I’ll stick with my dream system/personal hybrid (if I ever end up with a paper & pencil group ever again): mainly 2nd edition, with 3rd edition AC and saving throws. No complex feats; simply a liberal sprinkling of skills and ability score checks. I also have this odd obsession in making magic powers fluid and ‘creative’, while more physically costly on those that cast them, but exponentially more lethal. Like 2nd edition psionics but more free-form. It’s a Hyborean illness, I reckon.

In my theory, individualism is greatly rewarded, while gameplay is reasonably streamlined.