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  • Markshire PCs:

Well theoretically 4th ed will bring in many new players because the threshold for entering the game has just been lowered again. With 2nd edition and then 3rd edition the problem was splat books. There was just too much material for a new player to take in all at once just to play. Yes, they could just play with the core rules but then they’d see all the other people playing with all this strange material and the DM’s using some of it with their monsters and as the theory goes would feel intimidated and not want to play. With the publishing of 4th edition the slate has been wiped clean. I also got to see their plans for what will be coming out in the next year and it looks like they’ll just clutter is back up again.

I’ll stick with my dream system/personal hybrid (if I ever end up with a paper & pencil group ever again): mainly 2nd edition, with 3rd edition AC and saving throws. No complex feats; simply a liberal sprinkling of skills and ability score checks. I also have this odd obsession in making magic powers fluid and ‘creative’, while more physically costly on those that cast them, but exponentially more lethal. Like 2nd edition psionics but more free-form. It’s a Hyborean illness, I reckon

You sir will want to look into the whitewolf systems. Particularly the Mage book. Their magic system is fairly freeform and has a drawback to going at it too much (paradox).

– mule