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  • Markshire PCs:

I expected WotC to follow their typical marketing plan for D&D once they bought it out: awesome artwork with new material every six months. I think they outdid themselves by re-doing the entire D&D system twice in–what was it…six or seven years? That takes some balls. Making the previous product line irrevocably obsolete. Even Microsoft waits a little while longer before they outdate the previous version…

I’ll have to take a look at the Mage system when the stars are right and I have some free time.

And just for clarification, what I really meant by “Hyborean illness” was–of course–the Hyborean Age. “Conan the Barbarian” style wizardry…Spell-slingers being very few and far between, shrouded in superstition, able to command tremendous power but at tremendous personal cost. Musty tomes and grisly summonings, often trafficking in otherworldly beings. Specifically, casting spells can pay off big but causes fatigue in varying degrees (for example: loss of HP, Constitution, etc. temporarily in most cases); more power is at your command as the caster’s level increases.

Totally off-topic; sorry about that.