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  • Markshire PCs:

After reading all of these replies and thinking of what Mule has stated…. It sounds to me lik ehtey were thinking hte clean slate road, and for other purpses. Such purpses as their program and future games. Maybe we will see a new Dungeons and Dragons Online MMORPG later on that uses this new rulset to it’s fullest.

They didn’t have compeditors like Ever Quest and Final Fantasy… and all those other near D&D systems competeing for the ultimate fun rule set. At the advent of D&D and it created the compeditors, but now they are working to step it up. (to bad the creator isn’t around to see this)

From my perspective, I see allot more combinations possible for the power gamers to need much more playing to fully try every combination.

In a sense this new system sounds a bit more sound anways. Most games launched come with patches. DD 1st got patched and upgraded to 2, then it was patched, and updated to 3. All to provide more possibilites to scenarios and new hurdles to put in the paths. (more combinations of scenarios to solve/deal with)