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  • Markshire PCs:

The Setting: Middle Earth. The Fellowship of the Ring is poised at the gate to the Mines of Moria and are steeling themselves for the adventure within.

Legolas: whose main tank?
Frodo: gand turn on group lottery plz
Gandalf has changed the group options.
Gimli: guys, let me have any berserker drops
Legolas tells levels 20-29, “moria group looking for healer”
Frodo: thx
Aragorn: I’ll be MT
** Boromir laughs heartily at Aragorn.
Legolas: LMAO
Elrond tells levels 20-29, “sorry guys, that’s a bit low level for me…”
Aragorn: c’mon, I’ve got good HP
Meriadoc: sure, because ranger’s make GREAT tanks…
Legolas: gim and bor, roll for MT
** Gimli rolls 49.
** Boromir rolls 78.
Boromir: Check this out: [Horn of Gondor]
Gandalf: nice
Frodo: Nice
Peregrin: Wow, that rox
Boromir: It’s awesome for keeping aggro
Samwise: gonna be a good group
Samwise: lots of DPS
Gimli: You sure you guys don’t want us to mentor down?
Frodo: no i’m ok
Meriadoc: this is going to be a tough run, we’ll need everyone at full strength
Gandalf: Okay, listen up
Gandalf: Lego, Ar, and the little guys are on DPS
Gandalf: Boro’s main tank, Gim you’re secondary
Gimli: OK
Gandalf: I’ve got the nukes, and if anything big comes our way I’ll try to keep it mezzed
Gandalf: No healer, so no dying
Boromir: lol
Gandalf: Ready?
Frodo: rdy
Legolas: g2g
Gandalf: Let’s DO this!