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…(hey, it actually took the muzzle velocity and bullet grain weight into account for the damage tables) and never fully bought into 2E….

Just point me to the one that’ll do a good job to blow my brains out.

Well, strictly speaking, “damage” is the increase of order of entropy (disorder) in the system, which is the kinetic energy that “disappears” in collisions that don’t conserve kinetic energy, which means that you want lots of kinetic energy. Since kinetic energy is proportional to the mass of the bullet and the square of the velocity, increasing the muzzle velocity will do more for adding the maximum possible damage than mass, while increasing mass will increase the momentum as much as the velocity. This naturally means that higher grain counts are more reliable in doing the damage, while mach 3 muzzle velocities (typical for most high powered rifles) can do lots of damage, or just pass right through.

Or you can just use an buffalo gun. 😛