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  • Markshire PCs:

Yeah I am aware of both drawbacks. Obviously google themselves will never write add-blocking plug-ins. However, plug-ins are not generally written by the producer of the browser but third parties. So i’m interested to see if they’ll even open it up to that.

BTP, if you think for a second that everyone on the internet isn’t a “great gather of information” you’re fooling yourself. Just keep in mind anything you look at, anything you search, anything you type is probably being monitored for someones gain. If this worries you don’t connect your machine to the internet or learn how to set up a proxy (or 7 proxies as the meme goes) to make yourself anonymous.

All told I still am not sure about chrome. It’s remarkably stable. Has some problems here and there I hear but no more so than firefox does. So far it wins in both stability and not being a processor hog. Loses to firefox on neat plug ins and community support but like I said that might go away.

– mule