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Progress Summary
Report 02

The following members of Lord Allox Mark’s Company of Markseteers reported for duty :
Osicus Krill
Maarten Knursson
Jorin Siggurdsson
Quinne Volick

As the team assembled outside the Headquarters building they were approached by Lady Gouda Airs (Gehmeen Gate Greeter) in a state of anxious exitement. She asked for Markseteers and urgently required us to attend a guard at the Gehmeen Gate approach road.

On approaching the area we found a lone guardsman standing over a man hastily roped to a tree and a Teamsters wagon stopped in the road. The guard indicated he had stopped the wagon on suspicion of an unlawful death due to the foul odour coming from the wagon. The team accepted jurisdiction over the scene and suspect allowing the guard to return to his duty.

On instruction from Commandant Krill the suspect was questioned and the wagon searched with the following results :-

various typical and empty crates; folded burlap sacks
a barrel containing a dead body, male
a small amount of unidentified white powder

Name : Isaac
Employment : Wagon driver – operating out of Stonemark Local 106, based at Corona’s stables

Questioning established that Isaac was part of a three man team returning empty from a standard supply run to Cona mines using the riverbank route to Everspring thence the road to Gehmeen Gate. His mates Harry Thompaon, walking guard, and Glenn Jebb, in-wagon guard, were inexplicably absent when he was stopped by the Stonemark gateguard. Isaac’s last sure knowledge of them was at the Everspring Inn whereat he recalled there had been a slight incident as they passed the Inn; he remembered a bump as though the wagon had run over something buried in the snow and Harry saying he would look followed by some speech or laughter between Harry and Glenn. He denied all knowledge or intent of any unlawful killing by any member of his team.

The barrel containing the corpse was taken down off the wagon for Isaac’s inpection and reactions. At this point Commandant Krill divided the team between Quinne and Jorin as squad A, with Himself, Ohm and Maarten as squad B.

Squad A
was sent to enquire at the teamster local, based in Corona’s Stables, regarding driver Isaac’s claims. Corona Sari readily accepted the squad’s credentials and authority and was able to confirm:
that Isaac and his team were based at her stables and received their pay from her
that all three men were of good repute
that neither of the two missing teamsters had been seen there since they set out to deliver to Cona as per their regular, contractual schedule
that she would have them detained and handed into guard custody should they appear

Squad B
determined that Harry was middle aged, clean shaven and blond; Glenn was younger, mentally deficient though capable of simple tasks if properly instructed and was cared for by the Askr Dottirs. He was also the dead body in the barrel.

The squads re-united, returned to Headquarters, and arranged for the body and wagon to be interred at Corona’s Stables for further examination and for Isaac to be gaoled, without prejudice, pending further investigations.

The powder sample was presented to Captain Eckehard for alchemic tests; he reported that the previous powder from the Gripply farmer’s crops had been indentified as a form of Lead and was considered dangerously poisonous.

The team disbanded, however Maarten, Ohm and Jorin took the available opportunity to examine the wagon and corpse held in the stables, Nothing further was determined about the wagon. The body showed death by strangulation via either a ligature or small hands with sufficient strength to cause a broken neck.

apprehend Harry Thompaon for questioning
investigate the Everspring Inn area, extend enquiries to the Inn’s patrons and staff
make enquiries at Cona mines
obtain alchemic results on the second powder sample

Appendix :
Company Common Funds : 25 gold

Recorded : Jorin Siggurdsson