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Progress Summary
Report 03

The following members of Lord Allox Mark’s Company of Markseteers reported for duty :
Osicus Krill
Quinne Volick
Maarten Knursson

Absent (Sick)
Jorin Siggurdsson

(Summary of verbal report made to Recorder Siggurdsson by Sir Maarten)

Having assembled at Headquarters and sampled various wines and cakes in honour of Captain Eckard’s birthday, the team were directed to attend an enquiry at Cona mines.

Complaint has been made regarding unnatural activity in a new, privately owned and operated, shaft and gallery recently opened below the Penal Galleries in Cona Mines. Investigate and determine the cause of claims of cursed ground.

At the mines the team found all work stopped as the convict-miners refused to work. Guards maintained their watch as usual but all seemed affected by a sense of foreboding. Enquiry of the mine foreman indicated the near mutiny to be caused by fear created by sounds of strife and death coming from the newly made shaft and lower galleries.

Having ascertained that no miner would go down the shaft to investigate and that no guards could be spared from their duty of watch it was decided to undertake investigation under the authority and credentials of Lord Marks. Access was gained to the lower levels by a rope winch allowing safe passage to all but Ohm who suffered minor injury when the winch operation failed in the last few feet of his descent.

Search of the galleries found aged bones of a non-human corpse, various workings of gem deposits, mists, various food stores and some sick miners, one of whom died as he was being administered to and another who was significantly rendered demented and crazed by some form of criminal intention. All the while the investigators successfully defended themselves and the remaining miners from attack by various vermin type creatures, notably rats and spiders. And the crazed miner’s attempts to bombard Ohm with potatoes.

Having assured the mine foreman of completion of investigation without finding any cause for suspicion of further dangers thereby allowing the inmate miners to resume work, the team returned to Stonemark with food samples and the contents of a chamber-pot for alchemic assessment and the crazed miner who was interred in gaol for safe-keeping during treatment. And further questioning.

Determine new galleries’ ownership and rights

Appendix :
Company Common Funds : 25 gold

Recorded : Jorin Siggurdsson (taken verbatim from Sir Maarten Knursson)