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Progress Summary
Report 04

The following members of Lord Allox Mark’s Company of Markseteers reported for duty :
Maarten Knursson
Quinne Volick
Jorin Siggurdsson

Confirmation was given by Captain Eckhard that two dead miners from Lower Cona Workings were Dick Dugin and Fram Minler. Both died from poisoning. The miner brought back to Stonemark, Legnus Spade, recovered and on signing an apology for his behaviour toward Company Members was released to his home address as noted by the Head Gaoler.

Commander Krill having been seconded to an assignment to Deephold by Captain Eckehard it was decided that Sir Ohm become Acting (Sub) Commander during his absence.

Because of the continued incarceration of the driver, Isaac, under suspicion of collusion but without proof of involvement in the death of his team-mate Glenn Jebb and the disappearance of teamster Harry Thompaon, it was decided to immediately investigate the environs of Everspring Inn and to enquire at the Library for Record of Deeds to determine ownership of the Lower Cona Mine Gallery.

At the Library it was discovered with the efficient assistance of Head Librarian Rudo Muntheig that the Mines were Deeded to Dick Dugin (one of the poisoned miners) as the originating owner, that he was of unknowm lineage and that any existant family were also unknown.

Enquries at Corona’s Stables determined:
Harry Thompaon was still missing but he lived close by to Everspring Inn and was most often to be found there when off-duty.
The effects of Dick Dugin, kept there with his corpse, contained miners’ simple equipment, light sources, 200 gold coin and a plain gold band similar in style to a wedding ring.

On enquiry at the Everspring it was discovered that Harry Thompaon was actually there, had been there for the last four days (the duration of this investigation) and was in a state of heavy inebriation surrounded by considerable quantities of both empty and part-empty flasks of ale and wine. It was decided to take Harry into custody pending questioning on his return to normal senses.

However, on being exposed to the fresh cold air outside the Inn he sobered remarkably quickly and was able to answer questions coherently. From his account it was determined that he and his team were returning empty from Cona mines having delivered fresh produce from the local farms, including the original grippli complainant from the beginning of this investigation.

On approaching the Inn, driver Isaac observed a bump in the snowfall just as he drove over it and called to Harry to investigate. All Harry found was a bag of coin which he had at his belt. He could recall only three things clearly; Glenn looked terrified just before Harry turned to look, hearing a human male voice insisting that he should have another drink and the bag which he proffered for inspection. It contained a half-dozen skeleton knuckle bones only. From that point to finding himself in our company there was nothing he could remember. Having had the Inn Owner’s confirmation that Harry had in fact been in the Inn for all that time, and on finding his hands to be too large and stubby in the fingers to match the marks on Glenn’s neck, he was permitted to return home under his own cognizance for much needed proper rest.

The team returned to headquarters for initial consideration of our findings.

Harry Thompaon’s account and the knucklebones may suggest the involvement of a mage with knowledge of Alchemy and Item Enchanting capable of casting a form of Charm or Domination. As per the originating complaint this coincides with the goblin captive’s statement of being employed by a human mage to dust the crops with a toxic powder; said crops being delivered to Cona mines and found to be the cause of poisoning there. An owl feather found at the poisoning incident may suggest further connection to the crops as the goblins used a feather filled scarecrow as a means of camouflage whilst applying the powder. It also suggests the possibilty of involvement of one or more of the mine personnel by suspicion of connection with that scarecrow.

Release driver Isaac
Continue enquiries concerning:
Dick Dugin’s family or next of kin
The new mine’s output

Included is a receipt from Dario Raeder, Everspring owner, for the costs of Harry Thompaon’s spell induced drinking to the value of 325 gold. For consideration of payment by the City Treasury as Victim Compensation.

Appendix :
Company Common Funds : 25 gold

Recorded : Jorin Siggurdsson