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Progress Summary
Report 05

The following members of Lord Allox Mark’s Company of Markseteers reported for duty :
Maarten Knursson
Quinne Volick
Jorin Siggurdsson
Gerio Blimeadold

On assembling at headquarters the team was directed to investigate a murder reported as having been committed within the past hour on the east side of the Aqueduct Road in Laatneer District.

At the murder site the team took jurisdiction over the guards on duty and proceeded to examine the body of the victim, male aged early 30’s with no visible cause of death. Blood stains near the body indicated he had managed to wound at least one of his attackers. Effects found on the body included an empty, heart shaped locket, a family crest depicting a rose bush and a pouch of coins, indicating robbery was not a motive.

Enquiries made of the only witness, Henry Rumpfernutter, an aged man living close by provided the information that the deceased was named Kleff Thorne, that he had left his abode at the wharf end of the alley as per his daily schedule at early morning and was returning to his home at lunch time when he was attacked by two men. Though Sir Henry did not see the attack he heard the sounds of some altercation which abruptly quieted. On investigation he found the body a few yards from his doorway. Further examination determined that Sir Kleff had most probably been held in a headlock by an arm that pressed against his mouth and nose, thereby causing suffocation either by inadvertence or intent.

Information volunteered by the guard on duty directed the team to the deceased’s family and his fiancee Lady Sprintz Chalknocker. Mention was made that her father Sir Bane Chalknocker had a chalk making business as did his main competitor Sir Phelps Marker. Further enquiries made of Chaz the Cooper regarding each man’s business determined their addresses and that the Thornes were known as manufacturers of the best quality harp strings and hats.

At the Thorne residence Sir Kleff’s parents, his fiancee and her father confirmed Sir Kleff’s identity by the personal items found on the body. These were returned to the family. Sir Brane Chalknocker disclosed that the new mine workings in Cona Lower Gallery was a newly opened chalk mine and had supplied three consignments of chalk, of lower than preferred standard, most of which was purchased by Phelps Marker who concentrates on supplying chalk direct to Lord Mark’s Court. Sir Brane’s business concentrated on chalk-sticks favoured by scribes for rough scroll drafts and calligraphic practice. Sir Thorne senior disclosed that his son did not intend to retain his father’s business (harp string manufacture). It is possible he would have taken up his intended father-in-law’s business or remained with his preference for fishing.

Lady Sprintz disclosed that Sir Kleff had recently purchased a dagger for personal protection following a verbal altercation, concerning his relationship with her, with persons whom he did not identify to her. She also disclosed that Legnus Spade had been an ardent suitor and hence rival to Sir Kleff.

Permission to search Sir Kleff’s home will need to be sought from his parents at a later time as they were too upset to grant permission immediately.

Require Legnus Spade’s further assistance with our enquiries
Prepare warrants of arrest and search for Legnus Spade and his property (dependent on results of the above recommendation)
Interview Phelps Marker
Obtain the Thorne family’s permission to search Sir Kleff’s abode
Determine current ownership of the Cona Lower Mine
Dtermine if Sir Dick Dugin has any family

Appendix :
Company Common Funds : 25 gold

Recorded : Jorin Siggurdsson