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Progress Summary
Report 06

The following members of Lord Allox Mark’s Company of Markseteers reported for duty :

Maarten Knursson
Quinne Volick
Jorin Siggurdsson

Auxiliary Volunteers:
Celadur Ma’fer
Helena Silvisti

Assembly at headquarters introduced two civilian volunteers, Celadur and Helena, who were accepted into the team as auxiliaries as additional man-power with much needed extra skills. As their drafting into the team was completed a message runner brought word of an incident of suspected abduction in South West Gehmeen to which the augmented team responded immediately.

Enquiry with the originating informant, Professor Tollel, indicated that a neighbour, Zoren, had been attacked in his home by a zombie. On returning to the neighbour’s premises better prepared to deal with the zombie, he met a group of men dragging a large sack who politely but firmly pushed him aside then headed for the nearby sewer entrance. Professor Tollel then found no sign of either his neighbour or the zombie in the house or neighbourhood.

Entry to the neighbour’s home and search for the missing man found a scene of some disorder with papers scattered about Zoren’s study but no breakage or indication of violence. A large barrel of chalk sticks drew some attention and a sample of its contents abstracted for alchemic tests.

It was considered prudent to pursue the men the Professor had mentioned so the sewers were entered. A single guard of sorts attempted to bar entry but was persuaded to allow access without need for violence or argument. As the team progressed through the sewers they found a Revels in progress attended by many youths, most of whom were in a trance like condition and unable to answer any query. Further progress brought the team to the main entry hall under the road in North West Laatneer.

It is regretable to report that the team made the mistake of deciding to continue search through the sewers. Later information received from a municipal workman at the sewer grating, when they finally exited the sewers, revealed that a group of men fitting the description given, burdened with a heavy loaded sack from which a seemingly rotting limb protruded, had also exited that grate some time previously and had headed further south. This brought the team to a dockside area without any witnesses.

In hindsight it is probable that the neighbour, Zoren, had become afflicted with the same condition of zombieism that had afflicted a student in the Scribes School as reported earlier. However it may be that the abductors knew of this fact, they had actually ‘collected’ the now zombified Zoren and taken him through the sewers as a means of unseen progress to the Laatneer docks. It is probable that a waiting boat transported them from there either to another dockside on the city boundaries or away from city environs altogether.

Enquire of the various docksides on East and North Stonemark for any groups toting a heavy burden between dawn and two to three hours after dawn of this day
Enquire of the Scribes School as to whether or not Zoren has any connection there
Submit the samples of chalk-sticks abstracted from the barrel in Zoren’s study for testing by the city alchemist and enquire of both Sir Bane Chalknocker and Sir Phelps Marker as to their possible origin of manufacture

All the above enquiries can be handled by City Guards and their findings disclosed to the Team at their next Headquarters assembly; along with any other outstanding information pertaining to previous recommendations, morgue examinations, alchemy results, and etc

Addenda : Expenses Claim/ Lady Quinne
One ( 1 ) pair of boots as replacements for boots damaged by sewer soiling

Appendix :
Company Common Funds : 25 gold

Recorded : Jorin Siggurdsson