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  • Markshire PCs:

2) Provide greater opportunities to develop the US distribution business and find new partnerships

3) Strengthen the US online platform to develop online operations.

If they do follow that strategy, perhaps they will embrace the online gamer to a greater extent. If you look past the initial rush of sales for the OC, that is what really drives sales of the boxes. PW’s always are on the cutting edge, and use the latest releases and add-ons, which means that every player on the world uses them. To me, that’s guaranteed sales, if you have the smarts to support the market, and listen to the PW operators.
Also, they should loosen up the restrictions on sales of game-related products. Perhaps have a licensing agreement that one can sign up for, and submit content to Atari. If it’s included, you get an (albeit small) piece of the action. Again, drives sales and user to the game, rather than from it, and gives a sense of being part of the team to the contributors.
Just my $0.02 – 🙂