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On the lag, Thrym can answer that better than I, but as for the non-appearing NPC’s…..
When the last player leave an area, a timer begins to run. After 3 minutes, a script is started that double-checks to see that the area is really empty, and then “cleans” the area, removing old treasure drops, dead creatures, etc. When it is done, the area is pristine again, and ready for another go. This happens in the towns as well, ie. Foothold.
It can happen that the cleaner isn’t finished when a player re-enters town. In that event, the spawns don’t happen, because the cleaner was interrupted. To fix this, all PC’s must leave the area for at least 3 minutes. Then, all is reset, and the spawns will regenerate.
Another lag-issue is with the amount carried in a player’s inventory. The more a player carries, the longer it takes the server to display and move items in the inventory. In extreme cases, it can actually bomb the game because of a time-out error. Monty carries too much junk, and it happens to me a lot in Stonemark, when transitioning through the city.
As I said Thrym knows more about the lag issues, but AFAIK, nothing has really changed with the server. Check your ping values and see if the latency has gone up, resulting in higher numbers.
Let me know if you still have a problem, and I’ll mention it to Thrym as well.