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Here is my best one thus far.

A uniter in the Spire wishes to help make Markshire a place they don’t have to hide. And proposes a unified pursuite, an alliance of evil to overthrow the establishment. His proposal is a simple one.

The goal is retooling of an ancient device that was lost by the creator, the device that was to control the titans will. With this device recovered and repaired they will use the titan to bring Markshire to its knees and allow them to rule.

The pursuit gets all the way until near the end where the Uniter decides to double cross. The end goal changes and the first goal is lost, but the second new goal is fought to overcome. The device will not have been decifered properly and is actually something that results in some finer enchantments on their armor/gear after the blast and they run for their lives from the Titan.

In the end the evil alliance wins though they now nothing has actually changed, all the evil they did along the way has reaked havoc on Markshire costing lives and months of rebuilding. Nothing really has changed for the spire and its inhabitants.

Only two views over the past 5 days.. maybe I will go with this idea. Lotta avenues I thought up for this on the 6 hour drive I took this weekend.