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  • Markshire PCs:

Yes, I was thinking something maybe a bit more evil than gold. But, never-the-less, I would have this uniter promise riches, power, rule over towns…leadership rolls…If they planning to use the Titan as their bargining chip, anyone with an army should bow down.

Doublecross, that emplies going back on promises for his own personal gain. He will send them on a suicide mission, myabe there is some kind of leak or some kind of significant revelation.

The end destiney of the item will be either destruction and come to find out the uniter has a horde of great treasures, or they take the item and try to use it themselves. This would result in the descovery that it was not as he told it to be. It actually draws the chaotic energy from the Titan to the user. End result something on their person is empowered by the device. (thus their treasure/reward)