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  • Markshire PCs:

Ok, so I got it written out. All 13 episodes. It results in 9 episodes being different missions to gain them artifacts. I got kidnapping, conspiracy, Engman relations, A secret society in Stonmark infiltration, creative torture/kidnapping, puzzle solving and all of it is evil saturated.

I spent the better part of this Saterday writing up my episodes and it was really evil, I mean easy. I plan to leave some of it to how creatively evil can the players be to accomplish the task. Most of the scenarios will be determined by the players creativity rather than chars game engine mechanics.

Depending on the final choice of those envolved it may be 12 or 13 episodes.

Reading T’s story of the Titan, this device will have the following back story:

It was a dark day in the spire atop mount Cona. Nearing noon the sky let no sun pass to mountains. He arrived as the storm came behind the darkness. The spire was full of the usual visitors when he came. None were aware of his past, none knew his name. Though most in the spire never use names, this one invited all to know his. His arrival aroused all ears in sight. His words called out to all that the echoes reached. When all in the spire assembled in the grand hall we learned why he had come.
It sounded too good to be true. A large effort it would take, much sacrifice and collaboration of all that seek refuge in the spire. He spoke of a paradise, one that didn’t have the spire, one that was a reverse of the way it is now. A paradise where the weak hide, where the frail seek the shadows, one where we the strong and we the smart rule and roam free. A paradise ruled by us, riches and power beyond our imagination. An offer no one could refuse. Allegiances were pledged and the alliance was formed.

Retribution is in favor of this alliance and many of the members among its ranks. His interest follows the party that forms to help this Uniter. He will be their spirit guide that shows up in time to help them understand when it is cloudy and guide them when they are blind.