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  • Markshire PCs:

Yup. MS2 is and has been up and running. We just did some upgrades and bug fixes. Foothold, Narlynwik, and the Ogre Fort are IG and operating, so there is action, even though the Random Encounter System is still being worked on (this is because the areas are so much larger, and we need to be able to clean a part of an area, and spawn in different sections of the area, which greatly complicate the process). To run MS2, at the moment you need:


Patched to version 1.013 (1409)

Then update your MS2 files using Worldgate, located at:


And then you should be fine. There are many new features, and I’d be happy to give the nickel tour to anyone that wants it. DM’s, your capabilities are now working well, so any campaigns are awaiting your expertise…..


P.S. – SoZ will be loaded as soon as we can figure out what they broke in the 2da’s this time…. 😉