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  • Markshire PCs:

I just seen an Iowa Lic plate drive by the other day and thought….”Oh yeah, Iowa really is a state.”

Maybe it is just Muddy and I, but I didn’t see no Grand Opening post about MS2. I mean I knew it must be up and live, but was it Grand Opening open to all Tom, Dick, and Harry?

Anyways enough about how great MS2 is, there is still ONE last adventure to be had in MS1. In 2009 a space oddessey I wrote up a happy little skit of 13 episodes for evil natured people. This means a weekly campaign of 13 episodes for Evil characters only.

This Evil campaign will go unabaded by good, just like the two Good campaigns have. Even though Vala got a sucker punch in. I have plotted and planned so well, this evil campaign will not be for the faint of heart. Evil things will occur, and evil people will be expected to do evil deeds and tasks. Even….TORTURE small chipmunks by stuffing gold in their cheeks and making them follow a 17 mile rope up a mountain followed by wild cats tied to the same rope with tails set on fire….

I am thinking this will be a Friday episode. A more offical announcement soon. But I thought you would like to know now.